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Built to Spill

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Here’s a track of the upcoming album from one of my favorite bands. Built to Spill, known for epic, spacey guitar rock brings a little country to the sound. It’s like the gray hair that’s finding a way into their beards is also weaving its way into their music.

Just got home from seeing these guys live tonight. They couldn’t be playing any better. For a band that has struggled a little with being the center of attention, a little age, a little less concern, suits them well. They’ve never seemed so comfortable. Or rocked so hard.

MORE:  Built to Spill on MySpace

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With Eyes Half Open

Here is the running mix I promised earlier.

There’s a certain kind of song I like when I’m running. The music sets my pace, not in a strict sense, I don’t run to the beat — though when a song does sync up I love it. But it sets the tone. I want a song with moderate to low intensity or I end up sprinting and worn out before I’ve even started. But I don’t want anything too slow or I focus soley on my pain. It want to tilt my head back, with my eyes half open and settle in to a rhythm that feels like the pace of my body, like, I could run all day, comfortable but invigorated. These are songs that make me feel that way. Read more…

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Broken Chairs

Broken Chairs by Built to Spill (Website)

This song is neither new or new to me, but it came up on my running mix last night and I had to post it. Thundering shock-and-awe guitar work that would make the Gods of Rock shiver make this song one of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite bands.

Running compilation coming soon.


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